MobControl Game

Play Now Choose the best door to pass through and bring the matchmaker's warriors together to clash with the rival crowd. Become the crowd master and lead your people through the crowded city until this epic match is over. Crash into obstacles and defeat everyone on your way, collect coins, and upgrade your level. Defeat the King Matchmaker in the final battle and take over the castle! Features: -Dynamic match. You are not a simple runner, but the boss of a group of matchmakers. Gather your gang and lead them in the major conflict of their lives! -Educational running game. Calculate, increase & multiply the runners in your team. Choose the right door and win the most intense matchmaker battle. -Multiple levels with increasing difficulty. You'll face many challenges, but don't worry: your matchmaker crowd can clash with the most painful enemies. -The perfect obstacle training game for the whole family! Count Masters is a fun game for everybody and a cool pastime for everyone.